Inoculant for your corn and grass crops.  

What Is Zenergy?

Zenergy is a liquid in-furrow inoculant for your corn and grass crops. Microbial species, with properties that support and enhance the plant, have been carefully selected and bred for Zenergy. It is engineered to be different. Your microbes get down into the seed trench, colonize the roots and flush your root zone with nitrogen fixed from the air. They help solubilize otherwise tied up phosphorus and micro-nutrients, and dramatically expand the reach and uptake of your roots to let your crops more efficiently utilize the water and nutrients in your soil and maximize your yields.

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What is Zenergy?

Zenergy help enhance your plant's nutrient uptake

Zenergy in-furrow inoculant
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Zenergy Can Help


Boost microbial activity

Fix atmospheric nitrogen

Enhance development and growth

A Nitrogen Boost

The nitrogen fixing bacteria can be used irrespective of any target plant as they are free living and do not require a specific plant host to flourish, fix nitrogen and discourage non beneficial bacteria around the rhizosphere. The universal endomycorrhizal strains enhance plant development, growth and ability to source for required nutrients.

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