Zenergy: In-Furrow Inoculant for Corn and Grass Crops

in-furrow inoculant

An In-Furrow Inoculant For Corn and Grass

Zenergy is a liquid in-furrow inoculant for your corn and grass crops. It contains microbial species that support and enhance the plant. These microbes ave been carefully selected and bred for Zenergy. 

Zenergy is engineered to be different allowing microbes to get down to the seed trench, colonize the roots, and flush your root zone with nitrogen fixed from the atmosphere. The microbes also help solubilize otherwise tied up phosphorus and micronutrients, and dramatically expand the reach and uptake of your roots. This helps your crops utilize water better and maximize your yield potential.

Around 96% of the phosphorus that comes into a plant has to go through the biological exchange using mycorrhiza fungi. It is very critical in getting that phosphorus conversion to make it available to the plant. That’s where this energy product comes into play for a variety of crops. It was developed for corn but  we’re finding that it’s it we’re really having significant results in multiple crops.

Since Zenergy is a product that introduces  additional mycorrhiza fungi it may not be a fit for all soil and growing environments. Talk to your Genesis Ag representative to see if  Zenergy is a product that fits your farming needs. Visit the product page to learn more about Zenergy.


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