Why Genesis Ag Biological Products Are Different

Standing Out In A Crowded Field

Biological products are all the rage in modern agriculture. Focusing on soil health is now more popular than ever before. This is nothing new for the team at Genesis Ag. In fact, restoring the nation’s soil is Genesis Ag’s primary mission. It’s the foundation the company was built on. Their diverse biological product line, with a focus on soil health, sustainability, and farm profitability, are helping them stand apart in agriculture’s crowded biological field. That’s why Genesis Ag biological products are different.

“I think having diverse forms of microbes that are actually working sets us apart in the industry,” said Josh Davis, Vice President of Genesis Ag. “A lot of products on the market are not as diverse as the ones we provide. They can’t really stack up against what we are providing at Genesis Ag.”

One example of this is Genesis Ag’s soybean inoculant RizNate, a product that often provides yield gains of between 5-15% depending on the soil health and region.

“Let’s look at RizNate for example, said Davis. “It’s the middle of May and producers are still treating a lot of soybean seed. Growers want an inoculant but often use an inoculant with little more than a bradyrhizobia strain. This may provide a couple of bushel yield but that is no comparison to RizNate

RizNate promotes both beneficial bacterial and fungal growth by including multiple strains of bradyrhizobia as well as mycorrhizae fungi and other key nutrients. This adds biological diversity to the soil that can help with the uptake of phosphorus and other essential nutrients.

“In essence, RizNate is doing a lot more than what you may see by glancing at the label,” Davis said. “It’s a lot more than just a simple seed inoculant for soybeans. I think it’s really hard for other products to stack up against our successes.”

With the rising cost of fertilizer inputs and seed, the importance of Genesis Ag products like RizNate may be more important than ever before.

“We’ve got guys who are going out and planting 100,000 to 120,000 seeds and getting a 90-95% viability out of their seed germination. They are doing better than the guys planting 160-180,000 seeds based on efficiency, utilization, and biology. That’s a significant difference.”

While Genesis Ag has a diverse product line, every product is not for every farmer. The Genesis Ag team realizes that what works in one part of the country may be less effective in another region. That’s why we work with producers based on their climate, soil type, crop type, and individual needs. It’s another thing that sets Genesis Ag apart.

“We are not just looking to sell growers as many products as possible,” said Davis. “Around 3-6 products are really all that may be a fit on each farm. Your farm is different from my farm. That’s where a Genesis Ag rep like myself can help identify the programs or products that individual growers need to implement on their farm.”

Learn why Genesis Ag biological products are different. Listen to a podcast discussion on Genesis Ag’s biological products.




Learn why Genesis Ag biological products are different. Listen to a podcast discussion on Genesis Ag’s biological products.To learn more about other Genesis Ag biological products including Revita-N, MorPhos, and Carbose or to speak with a product specialist, call 844-455-5511 or visit us on the web at www.genesis.ag.

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