A humic and fulvic acid product from natural compost

humic and fulvic acid VitaNterra

What Is VitaNterra+?

VitaNterra+ is a revolutionary blend of humates, trace minerals, and enzymes. VitaNterra+ is full of organic acids.  Both humic acid and fulvic acid, are critical to your soil.  They create a well-balanced environment for vibrant healthy plants of all species.

Organic acids are naturally created by microbes present in all soils, but when microbial populations are harmed from the use of herbicides, pesticides and fungicides the levels of naturally occuring organic acids in your soils can suffer as well.

Fulvic acid, which occurs naturally, has two main functions in nature. It binds with molecules harmful to plants and microbes, and it chelates nutrients beneficial to plants. It is natures clean up and plant feeding mechanism. Adding fulvic acid to soil improves the environment for the growth of healthy microbes and helps feed plants while existing microbes replicate, thus providing more organic acids. Humic acid has also been proven to increase plant uptake of essential minerals. The two work together to create the best environment for healthy plants, and healthy plants tend to resist insects and disease.

VitaNterra+ can help your plants maximize their nutrient uptake

VitaNterra+ Can Help

Highly soluble for immediate crop impact

Increase your plants’ photosynthetic rate

Maximize nutrient uptake

VitaNterra is a complex and multifaceted fulvic and humic mix with the capability of performing many different tasks through the growing season and providing remediation in adverse conditions.

Speed Up Plant Growth

VitaNterra+ is a humic product that is completely soluble. It can help speed up the growth of your plants by increasing the uptake of nutrients. This revolutionary product can also help increase the efficiency of your crop’s water use. VitaNterra+ can help you maximize your fertilizer investment by helping plants get and keep the nutrients they need. VitaNterra+ can become an important part of your fertility program.

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