Boost Your Crops With Genesis Ag's VitaNterra+

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Crops with Genesis Ag’s VitaNterra+

In sustainable farming, humic and fulvic acids are not just beneficial but critical. They create a well-balanced environment for vibrant plant life, aiding in nutrient uptake and promoting overall vitality. At Genesis Ag, we understand this, and our premium product, VitaNterra+, is a testament to our commitment to enhancing soil health and crop yield potential.

Genesis Ag President Phillip Davis and Cal Van Dyke recently conducted tests with VitaNterra+ on tomato plants in North Carolina. The results were impressive. Compared to a control organic acid application, VitaNterra+ showed significantly higher Brix levels, underlining its effectiveness.

“VitaNterra+ is more than just a typical organic acid; it’s a premium humic and fulvic acid product derived from biologically diverse compost,” said Phillip Davis, President, and Founder of Genesis Ag. “Our tests have shown some very strong results that are a clear indicator of VitaNterra’s ability to boost plant growth and support soil biology.”

Derived from natural mushroom compost and ectomycorrhizae, VitaNterra+ is a complex mix of humic and fulvic acids, loaded with micronutrients for optimum results. It offers a plethora of benefits:

  • Help speed up plant growth: By providing essential nutrients directly to the plants, VitaNterra+ promotes faster and healthier growth.
  • Increasing plant photosynthetic rate: The product helps maximize the plant’s ability to convert sunlight into energy, enhancing productivity.
  • Maximizing nutrient uptake: VitaNterra+ improves the soil’s nutrient-holding capacity, ensuring crops get all the essential elements they need.
  • Reducing transplant shock: The product fortifies plants, helping them withstand the stress of transplantation.

“Our goal at Genesis Ag is to provide farmers with innovative solutions that not only improve their yield potential but also contribute to sustainable agriculture,” Davis added. “With VitaNterra+, we’re doing just that. This product can become an important partner in any farmer’s ongoing fertility program.”

It’s time to unlock the full potential of your crops. Experience the Genesis Ag difference with VitaNterra+.

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