VitaNterra: The right Humic and Fulvic Acid Product For Your Crops

humic and fulvic acid VitaNterra

Not all humic and fulvic acid products are the same. Some are made of leonardite shale from deep within the earth that has decomposed into base ingredients. Our humic/fulvic product, VitaNterra+, is a natural blend made from mushroom compost. VitaNterra+ is the color of brewed tea so it’s easier to use and doesn’t stain as easy as the shale-based humic blends.

In addition to a rich blend of humic acid and fulvic acid, VitaNterra+ also contains micronutrients and plant enzymes. It’s a product that is easy to use, soluble, and cleans up well with high compatibility and no mixing issues.

“We’ve had phenomenal response from it,” said Genesis Ag President Phillip Davis. “We’re learning more about the technology and why it’s different than the fulvic and and humic acids commonly derived from a Leonardite shale. VitaNterra+ is derived from a mushroom compost that is a growing, living media.”

Organic acids are naturally created by microbes present in all soils, but when microbial populations are harmed from the use of herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides, the levels of naturally occurring organic acids in your soils can be depleted. VitaNterra+ is full of organic acids like humic acid and fulvic acid that are critical to your soil health.  They create a well-balanced environment for vibrant healthy plants of all species. VitaNterra+ can help speed up the growth of your plants by increasing nutrient uptake. It can also help you maximize your fertilizer investment by helping plants get and keep the nutrients they need.

“We’re capturing this life in our product,” said Davis, “and I think that’s fueling the great responses we’ve been getting using the product on farms around the country.”

To learn more about our humic and fulvic acid product, visit our VitaNterra+ product page.

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