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Jason Farmer, Wester Farms

Louisburg, North Carolina

“Against my normal thinking we left any kind of in furrow fertilizer out…and literally just went with Genesis products.  The stalk diameter is a lot larger, a lot healthier plant. The corn in our region is not even close to this..extremely healthy plants with deep root systems, already broad root systems to help you get through these hot summer days that are coming.

David Hight, Hight Family Farms

Macon, North Carolina

“Genesis Ag is the best thing that’s ever happened to the tobacco industry as far as I’m concerned. We’ve gone from a county average of 24-2500 pounds per acre to 3000 pounds per acre in our tobacco production.” 

Mike Rother, Harold Rother Farms

Arapahoe, Colorado

“Our farm averages have come up pretty significantly.  What Phillip says and his thought processes just really works with us and what we want to do and how we want to get there.  I’ve seen tremendous strides in our soil health.  The changes in the fields are pretty phenomenal.  What we’re doing is moving us towards a more sustainable way of doing things.”

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