Sustainable Agriculture: The Importance Of Healthy Soils

Why Sustainable Agriculture Is Important

Sustainability in agriculture is a hot topic. Whether you’re talking about food security, economic development, or environmental impact, it’s clear that sustainable practices are critical for the future of our planet. Sustainable farming practices can help reduce environmental impacts and improve soil quality for future generations. 

Farmers know the importance of this issue first-hand. They are on the front line of this battle, balancing the pressure of staying afloat financially while passing on the legacy of farmlands for future generations.

Farmers are responsible for protecting our planet and providing food to the world. Nearly 70% of North American farmers have undertaken some sustainable farming practices including crop rotation, minimizing chemical usage, and water conservation practices.

Sustainability affects not only the future of farming and food production on this continent, but also other continents around the world. Sustainable farming practices can help by continuing to help supply the world’s food while preserving natural resources and minimizing any negative impacts of farming activities.

One important way farmers can address sustainability is by improving soil biology. Healthy soil is less prone to erosion, allows water penetration, and supports biological life. Biologically active soil can help provide plants with valuable nutrients by fixing atmospheric nitrogen and unlocking phosphorus that may be locked up in soils.

 Healthy soil can help growers reduce their dependence on traditional fertilizers, lower input costs, and improve sustainability for future generations.

 Genesis Ag provides an extensive line of biological products, seed treatments, and specialty products to help farmers revitalize their soil with beneficial microbes and earth friendly nutrients. These products can work in conjunction with native biology. The products include in-furrow inoculants, energy sources, and beneficial bacteria and fungi. The Genesis Ag line of biological products includes Revita-NMorPhosCarbose, ZenergyInvigor 8+EnviroBoost, and RizNate.

Farmers from around the country trust Genesis Ag to improve their soil biology and reduce inputs while maintaining or improving profitability. To learn about how our biological products and programs can help improve soil health, please call 844-455-5511 or email us at


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