Stong Corn Trial Results With Invigor 8 and Invigor 8 Plus

silicate for plants

Invigor 8 and Invigor 8 Corn Trials

Invigor 8 and Invigor 8 + Biological were evaluated in ministrip corn genetics trials across the midsouth USA in 2020. These treatments were evaluated at 5 locations.

All were on silt loam soils and were furrow irrigated, except the Ferriday, LA location. It was to be irrigated, but rainfall was such that it was never irrigated.

Averaged across all 5 locations, the control fields yielded 206 bushels/acre. The Invigor 8 treatment yielded 209.4 bushels/acre across all five locations. The Invigor 8 + biological treatment yielded 227.4 bushels/acre averaged across all locations.

There were no visual differences across treatments that stood out substantially across locations.

In summary, the seeds treated with Invigor 8 and Invigor 8 Plus showed significantly higher yields than the control seeds.

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