Three Products For Crop Stress

Many agriculture producers across the nation are facing hot and dry growing conditions this year. Finding ways to sustain crops during these periods of stress is a top priority. That’s where Immerse, Carbose, and VitaNterra+ come in as important tools to help support healthy plant growth even under adverse conditions.

Immerse is a powerful liquid foliar supplement that enhances the plant’s immune system, helping to provide a boost in energy and growth. It’s particularly effective in dry conditions, thanks to its unique sea-salt solution that helps hydrates plants. Immerse’s mineral-rich formula supports disease defense, making it a reliable companion for farmers looking to maintain crop health.

Carbose is an innovative energy source for soil microbes, containing four types of sugar and several different bacteria species to provide both immediate and long-term benefits. It works by feeding soil biology, improving soil structure, and increasing the availability of plant-available nutrients. By giving your plants the vital energy they need, Carbose helps optimize growth and yield.

VitaNterra+ is a revolutionary blend of humates, trace minerals, and enzymes that are critical for healthy soil. Unlike other humic products, VitaNterra+ is derived from healthy compost and not shale, providing essential organic acids like humic and fulvic acid to create a well-balanced environment for vibrant and healthy plants of all types. With VitaNterra+, farmers can promote soil biology, support root growth, and improve nutrient uptake.

If you’re looking to provide your crops with a foliar boost or help them manage stress, consider the combination of Immerse, Carbose, and VitaNterra+. These essential agricultural tools can help you achieve optimal growth, even under challenging conditions. To speak with a product specialist, call us at 844-455-5511 or use the contact form below to learn more.

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