SilaKate: A Great Tank Cleaner for your farm

SilaKate is a must-have for optimized soil fertility and improved plant nutrition. It has been shown to increase crop productivity by increasing soil texture, water holding capacity, ion exchange, and soil erosion stability.

Its properties also make it a great tank cleaner for the farm. At the beginning of the season and before applying any Genesis Ag products you should properly clean all application equipment. Genesis Ag’s SilaKate is a must-have for optimized soil fertility and improved plant nutrition. But as a special product use, Genesis Ag’s SilaKate is one of the best tank cleaners on the market. Always clean your sprayer at the end of every day of use.

Cleaning Steps

  1. Rinse tank with clean water and drain out. Use clean, drinkable water only.
  2. Fill tank half full of water and add 4-6 ounces of SilaKate for every 100 gallons of water. Finish filling the tank with water to the lid.
  3. Agitate for 5-10 minutes.
  4. Charge the lines until white foam is completely out of the lines. Tum off lines.
  5. Check the large filter canister and screen to see how badly calcified it is. Check at least four of the nozzle tips to see how clogged up they are. If the canister and screen or the nozzle tips are severely clogged, remove and place in a clean plastic bucket of water with 3 ounces of SilaKate added to 3 gallons of water. Leave overnight. Next morning, hand rinse and reattach.
  6. Let cleaning mixture sit overnight in sprayer tank.
  7. Next morning, agitate for 5-10 minutes.
  8. Charge lines until spray tips smells clean. Then smell inside of tank. If you can still smell chemicals, empty tank and repeat process from step one.
  9. Let mixture sit for 1 hour. If there is no chemical smell in tank, rinse tank completely.

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