SilaKate For Healthier Plants

SilaKate is a revolutionary flowable silica compound that will protect soil microbes and integrity of plant as it develops. Many variables can limit, block, or tie up soil biological activity, nutrient uptake, and plant development.

SilaKate limits these actions from taking place ensuring your investments of seed, fertilizers, micronutrients, and microbes are properly functioning in the soil profile as well as the plant. Silica in the soil will create a barrier around soil microbes and nutrients so these compounds can freely flow in the soil for better plant uptake through the root system.  Silica when applied as a foliar treatment to a developing plant, will protect it from abiotic stresses such as heat and lack of moisture. It is similar to as when we as humans apply sun tan lotion onto our body to prevent sun burn. 

Silica will reduce the stress to the plant by creating this protective layer as the plant grows allowing cell respiration, metabolism, photosynthesis, etc to continue without being slowed down or stopped.

Genesis Ag’s SilaKate is a one of a kind product. To learn more, visit our SiliKate product page here.

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