Plant Protection To Enhance Your Plant’s Defenses

sentry plant protection

What Is Sentry Plant Protection?

Sentry plant protection contains beneficial plant nutrients that have shown to have defensive traits against some detrimental pathogens and bacteria. It gives the producer the assurance of someone standing guard in less than favorable conditions. Sentry builds as well as enforces the plants own immune system while promoting a healthy growing environment.

What is Sentry?

Sentry plant protection can boost your plants natural defense systems

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Sentry Can Help


Protect Against Pathogens

Promotes a healthy growing environment

Enhances plants stress tolerance

Protection When You Need It Most

Sentry can help suppress detrimental pathogens, help enhance plant tolerance to occasional stress and optimize the soil structure. Sentry also provides readily useable phosphorous and potassium that enhance moisture retention and strengthen beneficial plant-soil biology interactions.

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