Seed Treatment Test Results

Invigor 8 seed treatment results

Comparing Seed Treatment Results 

The seed treatment industry includes a variety of products designed to help with plant vitality. We compared seed treatment results testing Genesis Ag’s Invigor 8 and Invigor 8 + against a control treated seed during an in-house test that mimicked cold ground temperatures and very harsh conditions. As you may know, Invigor 8 is our signature corn seed treatment that now comes in a liquid. Invigor 8+ adds a biological component for even stronger results.

These two-year old corn seeds were placed in a 45 degree environment for five days then brought to a 68-72 degree temperature for 11 more days. They were covered with foil to allow the roots to grow along the sides of the cup.The seeds treated with Invigor 8 and Invigor 8+ showed stronger root systems and more biomass above ground. The biomass weight results were as follows:

  • Control – 4.279 grams
  • Invigor 8 – 4.488 grama
  • Invigor 8 + – 4.983 grams

These seed treatment results are similar to results our customers see in their fields with stronger starts, improved root developed, and more uniform stands.

If you would like to add Invigor 8 or Invigor 8+ seed treatment on your farm, talk to your Genesis Ag representative or call 844-455-5511.

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