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Genesis Ag Seed Treatment Products

At Genesis Ag, we realize that seed treatments are only as good as the products used. That’s why we spend so much time testing and improving our seed treatment products RizNate, Invigor 8, and Invigor8 Plus.

RizNate is a product for beans that includes a biological component for an even stronger boost. Invigor 8 is our proven corn seed treatment product. Invigor8 Plus takes corn seed treatment even further with a biological boost. These products can help with faster starts, more uniform stands, and improve yield potential.

Our seed treatment options are the go-to choice for farmers across the nation. No matter which seed treatment you choose, you can count on our quality and commitment to the profitability and success of your farm.

We would love to discuss how Genesis Ag might be a fit on your farm. Our products and programs can fit in with most existing fertility programs. To learn more or to speak with a product specialist about goals for your farm, please contact us at 844-455-5511 or use our contact form here.

Seed Treatment With A Portable Mixer

If you’re working with a smaller number of bags or units of seed and treating your seeds on farm, then this method may work for you. The only equipment needed is a portable cement mixer and a spray bottle. 

It does involve a little bit of work, but the return on investment can be phenomenal.  

Once the equipment is set up to treat your seed this way, it will probably take between 3 and 5 minutes per bag to empty, treat, and reseal the bag.  Treating 50 units of seed will probably take you between 2 to 4 hours.  

Genesis Ag’s Invigor 8 and Invigor 8 + are great options for corn and grass plants. RizNate is our choice for soybeans and other legumes.

Commercial Seed Treatment

A number of commercial seed treaters have been developed and are available in the market which do an excellent job of adequately atomizing the Invigor 8 or RizNate solution and achieving an even coverage over all of the seeds.  

Invigor 8 and RizNate differ from a seed dressing applied for the purpose of applying a fungicide or bactericide or another seed protectant. Ideally, the product comes into contact with all of the seeds.  

The product will quickly absorb through the seed-coat of your corn and your kernels should feel dry to the touch within a minute or two after application.

Commercial Seed Treatment Options

While large commercial seed treaters are available, most of our clients don’t have one on their farm.  

If you’d like to get your seed commercially treated  we recommend working with your seed dealer, local co-op, seed farmer, or another grower.

In cases where this is not possible, another option is to use a box-to-box treater.

Box To Box Seed Treatment

A box to box treater, or b2b seed treater can be used to treat seed for those that either want or need to treat their seed on farm, but don’t have a commercial drum treater available. 

The box to box treater is used to treat seed going from one hardside probox into another hardside probox.  The pump agitates and pumps the product through a hose into the chute where the seed is treated.

Box to Box Treaters Now Available Through Genesis Ag

Genesis Ag is now offering Box-To-Box treaters like the one shown in the video above. You can order one or learn more about our box to box treaters by calling our office at 844-455-5511.

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