A biological product loaded with life for your soil

What Is Revita-N?

Nitrogen is one of the most in-demand plant nutrients. Revita-N is a one-of-a-kind product that can help producers reduce their nitrogen input costs and boost soil biology. The nitrogen-fixing bacteria in Revita-N help fix atmospheric nitrogen and protect plants from excess nitrogen intake.  Revita-N contains a combination of soil microbes, both aerobic and anaerobic, including nitrogen-fixing bacteria, to help feed your crops.

Revita-N Can Help Reduce Your Inputs and Enhance Your Soil Biology

Revita-N Can Help


Stronger Biology

Reduce Nitrogen Inputs

Improved ROI

Improve Soil Health

Revita-N is a unique microbial compound that has been developed to improve the soil, season after season, for better plant growth and higher yields in a cost-effective way.
Revita-N can help:
  • Provide nitrogen-fixing microbes
  • Reduce nitrogen input costs
  • Remediate soil
  • Boost soil biology
  • Provide long-lasting results

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