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What Is Revita-N?

Too much Nitrogen is as bad as is too little nitrogen for plants. Revita N is one of a kind product that not only helps to fix nitrogen in the soil as well as the atmosphere, but also protects the plants from excess nitrogen intake. Nitrogen is one of the most in demand nutrient for plants. Without it, plant growth is impossible. In Revita N, we have a combination of soil microbes, both aerobic and anaerobic, including nitrogen fixing bacteria.

Revita-N Can Help Reduce Your Inputs and Enhance Your Soil Biology

Revita-N Can Help


Stronger Biology

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Reduce Nitrogen Inputs


Improved ROI

Improve Soil Health

Revita-N is a unique microbial compound that has been developed to improve the soil, season after season, for better plant growth and higher yields in a cost-effective way.
Revita-N can help to fix the nitrogen in the soil. This can help to reduce your Nitrogen input needs. Revita-N  also protects the plants from excess nitrogen intake. 

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