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The Genesis Ag biological program can help you improve soil health and reduce your reliance on traditional fertilizers

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Reduce fertilizer costs by improving your soil biology. The Genesis Ag biological program can help your soil microbes provide nutrients for your plants by fixing atmospheric nitrogen and unlocking soils-bound nutrients like phosphorus for plant use. The result can mean lowered fertilizer costs, healthier soils, and a more sustainable future.

Less Inputs

Farmers using a biological approach to soil health can reduce fertilizer costs without sacrificing yield and vitality.

Improved Soil Biology

Our biological products provided beneficial bacteria and fungi necessary for optimum soil health.


Our biological products can help farmers improve their soil to remain sustainable and profitable.

Biological Product Spotlight


Revita N is a unique microbial compound developed to help soil microbes fix atmospheric nitrogen for plant use. This natural source of soil fertilization is helping growers from around the country reduce their fertilizer input costs and support healthier, more sustainable soils.


The available amount of phosphorus is much lower than the total amount usually present in the soil. MorPhos can help you unlock unused this unavailable with a unique combination of active anaerobic and aerobic phosphate solubilizing microorganisms


Carbose is a unique blend of immediately available sugars and several hand selected bacteria species. In order to replicate and flourish, the beneficial microbes in your soil need food. Carbose can help provide your plants with the vital energy they need for optimum growth.

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