Record Yields: The Ongoing Pursuit

Each year, corn and soybean farmers utilize the latest in seed hybrids, fertilizers, micronutrients, and agriculture technology to push the limits of how much corn or soybeans can be grown per acre. 

Over the past 30 years, records have been broken for both corn and soybean yields. In 1990, corn yields averaged 123.4 bushels per acre, and corn farmers harvested a record 162 bushel corn yield by 2011. The average corn yield in 2020 was 172 bushels per acre.

Soybeans also saw a dramatic increase over the past 30 years as soybean yields improved from 26.5 in 1990 to 50.2 bushels per acre in 2020.

Having a high corn or soybean yield can be challenging depending on soil types and weather conditions throughout the growing season. Despite these obstacles, yield records are expected to continue increasing over the next several years with the introduction of new hybrids, seed treatments, biologicals, and nutrients to help further optimize yield production.

At Genesis Ag, we’ve had the privilege to work with farmers from around the country. We have been involved in numerous grows that set local, regional, and world records for yield.

We know that yield is a critical measure for the profitability of farmers. We also realize that soil health and long term sustainability are also critical for the long term viability of our nation’s farms.

That’s why we are thrilled to provide a variety of nature-friendly products that provide beneficial microbes, critical micronutrients, and food for soil biology. These products work with nature to help farmers reduce their input costs, mine nitrogen from the atmosphere, unlocked phosphorus that’s trapped in the soil, and increase yield potential.

To learn more about our products and growing programs, please call us at 844-455-5511 or learn about our biological farming approach.

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