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Genesis Ag's Carbose, MicroBoom L and Sentry can deliver the nutrients your crops need

During your crop’s rapid growth phase, getting your plants the proper nutrients is essential. Genesis Ag’s Carbose, Microboom L, and sentry are a great combination of products to deliver nutrients and pathogen protection at this critical growth stage.

The agriculture market is full of sugar-based products. Carbose stands out with four types of sugar and beneficial bacteria to feed the microbes that help feed your crops. Carbose is concentrated to provide more calories than traditional products without the mess of mixing dry sugar or molasses.  When combined with other nutrients, Carbose can also help with faster absorption.

And with an economical, four-ounce use rate, many producers use it on every field pass throughout the season.

Micronutrients are critical for healthy plants but can create toxicity issues if applied in the wrong amount. Microboom L provides a chelated blend of eight essential micronutrients, including zinc, copper, molybdenum, and sulfur, to jumpstart growth in your plants. Our water-soluble formula means easier absorption and less accumulation in the soil. MicroBoom L is designed to enhance regular fertility programs and is compatible with a wide range of fertilizers and pesticides.

Sentry is designed to help plants naturally fight off diseases and pathogens.

Sentry contains beneficial nutrients that help build plant defenses against some dangerous pathogens and bacteria.  Sentry boosts the plants’ immune system while promoting a healthy growing environment.  It can help suppress detrimental pathogens, enhance plant tolerance to occasional stress, and optimize the soil structure.

Sentry also provides readily useable phosphorous and potassium, enhancing moisture retention and strengthening beneficial plant-soil biology interactions.

If your crops are nearing the rapid growth stage, remember the combination of Carbose, Microboom L, and Sentry. To learn more, visit us online at,  or call 844-455-5511 to speak to a product specialist. You can also fill out the form below with questions to have a team member reach out.

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