Products To Help With Crop Stress

Genesis Ag's Carbose, VitaNterra, and MicroBoom L can provide vital nutrients when growing conditions get tough

With many producers already facing hot and dry growing conditions, Immerse, Carbose, and VitaNterra + – can be essential tools to help sustain your crops during stressful growing conditions.

Immerse is a liquid soil and foliar supplement that helps to enhance the plant’s immune system for a potential boost in immune response and growth.

It can be particularly effective in overly dry conditions. This sea-salt solution helps to enhance the plant’s immune system, providing a boost in energy and growth. The nutrients in Immerse include 40+ trace elements to support disease defense. These highly proportioned minerals can also help hydrate the plant during dry growing conditions and alkalize the soil to help balance pH.

Carbose is a unique energy source for your soil microbes. Carbose contains four types of sugar and several bacteria species that provide immediate and long-term benefits.
To replicate and flourish, the beneficial microbes in your soil need food. Carbose feeds soil biology, so it can work to improve both soil structure and the availability of plant-available nutrients in the root zone. Let Carbose help give your plants the vital energy they need for optimum growth.

VitaNterra + is a revolutionary blend of humates, trace minerals, and enzymes. Organic acids are naturally created by microbes present in all soils. Still, when herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides harm microbial populations, soil levels of naturally occurring organic acids can also suffer.

VitaNterra + is full of organic acids, including humic and fulvic acid, and these acids are essential for healthy soil. Unlike other humic products, VitaNterra + comes from healthy compost, not shale. VitaNterra + can help create a well-balanced environment for vibrant, healthy plants of all species.

If your crops need a foliar boost or help with stress, remember the combination of Immerse, Carbose, and VitaNterra +. To speak with a product specialist, please call 844-455-5511 or contact us using the form below.

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