Zenergy: In-Furrow Innoculant For Corn and Grass Crops

Zenergy is a liquid in furrow inoculant for your corn and grass crops.  Microbial species with properties that support and enhance the corn plant have been carefully selected and bred.  

Next, our scientists took these species and placed them in a state of suspended animation.  

What this means is that they don’t need to eat or use oxygen until you’re ready to wake them up.  They can live in your jug until it’s time to plant your corn and you’re ready to unleash their awesome powers — even if that’s a couple of years from now.

Next, our microbiologists have encapsulated and protected these species from the rigors of everyday farming realities.  Traditional microbes wither and die at the first whiff of the chemicals we use in our fields to bring in a crop.  

Fertilizers burn or dry out traditional microbes, and fungicides, insecticides, bactericides and the herbicides we use to bring in a crop destroy our attempts to inoculate our fields.

Zenergy is engineered to be different.  Your microbes get down into your seed trench, colonize your roots and flush your root zone with nitrogen fixed from the air — on corn!

They help solublize otherwise tied up phosphorus and micro-nutrients, and dramatically expand the reach and uptake of your roots to let your crops more efficiently utilize the water and nutrients in your soil and maximize your corn yields.

Zenergy product label

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