Revita-N: Improve Your Soil, Year After Year

Revita N is a unique microbial compound that has been developed to improve the soil, season after season, for better plant growth to produce higher yields in a cost-effective way. Too much Nitrogen is as bad as is too little nitrogen for plants. Revita N is one of a kind that not only helps to fix all the nitrogen that is in the soil as well as in the atmosphere, but also protects the plants from excess nitrogen intake. Nitrogen is one of the most in demand nutrient for plants. Without it, plant growth is impossible. In Revita N, we have the combination of wide variety of soil microbes, both aerobic and anaerobic, including the nitrogen fixing bacteria.

Revita N helps develop a natural process of soil fertilization in order to create an agriculture that is sustainable.

Compost teas and “Bugs in a Jug” have been around for years, but many of these programs lack what we call “stackability”.  Because the microbes were too delicate it was often impossible to mix with other components of your fertility or disease management program.

Revita-N is dfferent.  The microbial life in revita-n has been “encapsulated”.  What that means is your microbes will survive in your tank with your other products.  What that means to you is, fewer passes over your field with your sprayer and more flexibility when scheduling your fertigation.

By using revita-N you’ll see a return on your investment in the first year.  However, growers typically see their most dramatic yield improvements after treating their soils for three years.  The microbial populations take time to reestablish themselves and begin working on your behalf in the soil.  By establishing beneficial microorganisms in your soil, your soil will start working for you.  The microbial populations will grow healthier plants, more resistant to disease, they will help keep harmful pathogens away from your crops and their root zone through competitive exclusion, and you can start to focus on the things that make farming fun again.

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