Immerse soybeans

Immerse: An Immunity Boost From The Sea

Immerse is a liquid technology soil and foliar supplement. This ocean solution instantly enhances the immune system of the plant providing a boost in energy and growth. These highly proportioned minerals are pro-actively capable of re-energizing the plant instantly.

The nutrients in Immerse are collected deep from within the ocean where high concentrations of non-polluted mineral-rich water is located. Applications of Immerse will not show salinization in the soil or the plant.  Minerals in immerse will jumpstart growth and disease defense mechanisms in your crops.

Disease occurs during acidic conditions; Immerse will mineralize and alkalize the soil balancing the pH which will in turn fight off insect, fungi, and other pathogens making for a healthier plant.

Immerse works similarly to the way an IV works for humans. Along with increasing nutrient capacity in the plant, Immerse works symbiotically with microorganisms in the soil enhancing the natural uptake from the soil to the plant. The natural minerals of Immerse are beneficial to the soil.

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