What If You Could Produce An Extra 200 Bushels Per Acre?


Has your production plateaued?  Have you been looking for the breakthrough that will take your yield totals to the next level?

After reading that headline, I know what some of you are thinking. For those of you who don’t think it’s possible, check out this story:

Maxing Out

A client of Genesis Ag founder Phillip Davis was bumping his head against what he assumed the limits of his farm and his seed could deliver.  He had no reason to doubt that. He was a diligent, conscientious grower, and his yields were consistently better than that of his neighbors.

The First Clues

But, one year,  the farmer and his agronomist discovered some micro-nutrient imbalances in their late season, after studying some tissue samples. And, the next year after discussing the issue with Phillip Davis they decided to go over the field with an early application of micronutrients.  The idea was to get well ahead of the deficiency.

The Limiting Factor

Well, the results were phenomenal.  It turned out that the tiny micronutrients had been his yield limiting factor.  Once that was addressed, other tweaks he made to his fertility program would continue to add bushels to his yield totals, until finally in 2015 he hit over 532 bushels per acre.  Of course, his name is David Hula and the yield barrier he was stuck at was the 300 bushels per acre yield barrier.

Wanna Try Some?

If you’re interested in how you should be applying your micros, head on over to our corn program page, click the red button and download our entire recommended corn program that will tell you what, when, and how much to apply.  If you’d like to see about getting some MicroBoom, our pre-chelated micronutrient package, contact us to get it on your farm for a trial this spring.

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