Morphos: More Phosphorus for plants

Unlock more phosphorus in the soil 

What Is MorPhos?

Morphos is a product that has a unique combination of active anaerobic and aerobic phosphate solubilizing microorganisms (PSM).

In the soil, phosphorus is found in organic as well as in inorganic form (minerals). It is very tightly bound to the soil particles which is why it is not readily available for the plants. The available amount of phosphorus is much lower than the total amount present in the soil.  

To release that trapped phosphorus in the soil, plants need microorganisms to synthesize it. Morphos just has that right blend to help.

Along with meeting phosphorus demand for the plants, our product also promotes plant growth and soil fertility.

It can help make nitrogen fixation more efficient, elevating phytohormones synthesis, inhibits growth of plant pathogens and improves obtainability of trace elements like iron and zinc. 

Overall, Morphos takes care of soil and plants by enhancing the plant nutrient acquisition.

What is MorPhos?

Unlock more phosphorus for plants

MorPhos Can Help

Unlock more phosphorus


Promotes plant growth


Enhance Soil Fertility

The Right Stuff

To release trapped phosphorus in the soil for plants to use, we need microorganisms to synthesize it and our product has that right blend.

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