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Genesis Ag MicroBoom

What is MicroBoom L?

Micronutrients are critical but if provided in a form and concentration not suitable for plants, they can create toxicity issues. Genesis Ag addresses these issues and provides the micronutrients in a chelated from and in the right concentration for both the plant and soil biology to continue their beneficial interactions while providing the micronutrients in a form and manner to facilitate plant growth and kick off important biochemical pathways that move the plant through different phases of its life cycle seamlessly. MicroBoom is based on a deep understanding of plant ionome and provides the micronutrients in the right amount and in a water-soluble form for easy absorption and less accumulation in the soil. The formulation can also be used in conjunction with other fertility enhancement programs.

How MicroBoom Works: An Advanced Micronutrient Solution

MicroBoom delivers a balanced mix of essential micronutrients directly to the soil and plants. These nutrients improve nutrient uptake and utilization, leading to healthier plants and higher yields. MicroBoom supports overall soil health, creating a thriving environment for crops to grow.

Genesis Ag MicroBoom

A comprehensive
micronutrient solution

About MicroBoom

MicroBoom is designed to enhance your soil’s health and improve plant growth by delivering essential micronutrients. This advanced formulation ensures your crops receive the nutrients they need for optimal development and yield.

MicroBoom Benefits

* Improves Nutrient Availability
* Enhances Plant Growth
* Supports Soil Health
* Increases Crop Yield
* Environmentally Friendly

Microboom L™ is a complex micro-nutrient pack made up of eight high quality soluble pre-chelated micronutrients.

Micronutrients are critical but if provided in a form and concentration not suitable

For plants, they can create toxicity issues. MicroBoom L is designed to enhance a normal fertility program and to maintain and correct known or suspected deficient micronutrient levels in plants. It is compatible with a widen range of fertilizers and pesticides.

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