Potato Study Results Show Strong ROI

In a simple trial carried out at Walker Produce in Eastern, Idaho in 2014 we were able to produce more tubers, but our fill was not as pronounced as we hoped. In other words, we were able to grow more potatoes, but they were undersized.  While we had a greater harvest yield by weight, large, consistently-sized potatoes demand a premium in the marketplace and the grower was curious whether that could be accomplished. Actually, in fairness, the grower was open-minded while dubious of our attempt, but agreed to let us see what we could do with a later season foliar application.

The Study

We flew an aerial application after canopy on Walker’s russet potato crop with an application of Genesis Ag products including VitaNterra, Carbose, and Orthophosphate (3-18-18).  Results of the harvest dig were measured in trucks with GPS.  All loads were weighed at the scales.  All the potatoes were graded by the company’s potato graders, single blind, and tabulated by Walker Produce.

The Results

  • The Treated Acres Averaged a 10.33% Increase Over Control
  • The Treated Acres Averaged 4,499 LBs / Acre Increase Over Control
  • Product Costs and Application Costs (Aerial Spray) Factored Into ROI Calculation

ROI ~ 6.5 / 1

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