Invigor8 Plus Showing Strong Results in Corn and Cotton

Invigor8 Plus is a seed treatment and biological for corn and other grass plants

nitrogen fixation cycle

Invigor8 Plus is our proven treatment for corn, cotton, and grass plants that includes a biological component for stronger results and healthier, more sustainable soil. The Invigor8 Plus formula contains free-living microorganisms that help with seed germination and early vigor. Invigor8 Plus can not only increase seed germination rates but also fortify seeds against initial acclimatization stress. This helps maintain better, more uniform stands with well-rounded development both below and above the ground. 

Test plots in Mississippi showed very strong results using Invigor8 Plus. In the trials, cotton treated with Invigor8 Plus was compared against control plots to test for total cotton and lint yield.

The control seed plots average a yield of 1387 lbs. per acre of lint and 3227 lbs. per acre of cotton. Seed that was treated with Genesis Ag’s Invigor8 Plus yielded an average of 1576 lbs. per acre of lint and 3665 lbs. per acre of cotton.

That’s an average increase of 14.34 % for lint and a 13.35% increase in cotton weight for seeds treated with Invigor8 Plus.

Arkansas producer Casey Hook of Hook Family Farms in Arkansas saw strong results on his cotton after using Invigor8 Plus.

“We started working with the Invigor8 Plus last year. If you have seen it on corn, and you grow cotton, you need to be looking at this. It’s shown to be an even bigger yield advantage for us in cotton even than corn.”

In 2019, replicated corn studies in two states showed strong results as well. Studies in Nebraska relayed average gains of 6.14 bushels against control plots. The results in Iowa were even more dramatic with an average gain of 10.02 bushels.

“The most important day of a crop is the day we place that seed on the ground,” said Phillip Davis, President of Genesis Ag. “With Invigor8 Plus, we’re providing a tremendous energy burst that’s helping with quicker emergence and a stronger, more viable young seedling.”

“We all know that the yield of a plant is determined very early in its life,” he continued. “So, we’re getting a more robust plant early in the cycle and setting it up for its true genetic yield potential.”

To learn about using Invigor8 Plus on your corn, cotton or other crops, contact your Genesis Ag representative or visit our Invigor8 Plus product page. To speak with A Genesis Ag product specialist, please call 844-455-5511. Change how you grow with Genesis Ag.

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