Invigor 8 Test Results Show Strong Gains

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We performed independent research in Nebraska and Iowa that included a control, seed treated with Invigor 8, and seed treated with Invigor 8+. The research included 6 replicated studies at each location.

2019 Study

Product                                        Nebraska    Difference     Iowa      Difference    Avg

Control                                          227.73                              210.50

Invigor8                                        229.89         2.16             216.30      5.80           3.98

Invigor8+                                      233.87        6.14              224.4      13.90         10.02


2018 Study – 4 location average

Control                                        255.96

Invigor8                                       261.71          5.75

Invigor8+                                     264.82          8.86

As you can see, gains increased from 2.16 bushels to as much as 13.90 bushels. Of course results will vary depending on soil, climate, and region. 

Invigor8 and Invigor 8+ is now shipped as a liquid. Invigor 8+ also has an added biological component for even stronger results.

To learn more, visit the Invigor 8 product page.

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