Invigor 8 Liquid

A proven seed treatment formula

Genesis Ag

What Is Invigor 8?

Genesis AG is excited to introduce our newest version of Invigor 8 to get your seeds off to a strong start. After numerous requests and to reduce potential mixing issues on your farm, Invigor 8 is now available exclusively as a liquid. Invigor 8 is a proven seed treatment formula which can not only increase seed germination rate but also fortify the seed against initial  stress to enhance seed vigor and vitality.

Invigor 8 preps the seed for stress tolerance and adds vital components that help the seeds focus their energy on biochemical pathways required for successful germination and establishment in the soil ecosystem.

What is Invigor 8

Invigor 8™ can help get your corn off to a strong start

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Invigor 8 Can Help

microboom liquid from Genesis Ag

Faster Emergence


More Uniform Stands


More Yield at Harvest

A Better Start

Invigor 8™’s unique formulation unlocks the seed’s stored reserves. The results are faster seedling emergence, more uniform stands, and more yield at harvest.

Ask about Invigor 8+, for an even greater boost

Invigor 8+ adds a biological component for an even greater boost. Invigor 8 + seed treatment can help farmers see faster emergence, increased vigor, improved yield potential, and healthier plants. Talk to your Genesis Ag rep or call 844-455-5511 for availability.

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