Invigor8 Seed Treatment


Corn ear - Invigor 8 seed treatment for corn

Invigor 8: Better Emergence, Means Better Yield

Invigor 8

Invigor 8 is a unique formulation that unlocks the seed’s stored reserves. It’s the “missing link” to faster seedling emergence, more uniform stands, and more yield at harvest.

Faster Seedling Emergence
Seeds treated with Invigor8 mobilize their stored food reserves faster. The embryo accesses these reserves more quickly. The developing seedling emerges from the soil earlier.  The result is a stronger, more rapidly growing young plant.

More Uniform Stands
There is no doubt about it. Delayed or uneven emergence costs you yield. In fact, emergence delays by as little as 24 hours can cost you money at harvest, keeping your from maximizing the genetic potential of your seed.

More Yield at Your Harvest
Of course while beautiful stands of corn at v3 are pretty to look at, what really matters to your bottom line is what ends up in your combine in the fall.

Let Invigor8 help you break through some yield barriers on your farm.

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80k count units of corn seed to treat

20, 50

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