Instigo Provides Biological Pathogen Protection

Help Manage Soil Born Diseases With Instigo

Plant pathogens, especially fungal infections, have long plagued farmers, posing significant threats to plant health and overall crop productivity. Recognizing the need for an alternative approach that is both effective and environmentally friendly, Genesis Ag’s Instigo is derived from naturally occurring microbes.

Instigo’s potent blend of beneficial microbes flourishes in the root zone of plants. This unique formulation establishes a robust biological defense against root-infecting diseases, effectively combating pathogens without harsh chemicals or fungicides.

Instigo has long-lasting and effective agents that can help control plant pathogens and manage the spread of soil-borne diseases. Unlike many chemical treatments, Instigo is not harmful to beneficial soil microbes. It also works well with Genesis Ag’s other biological products.

What is Instigo?

Instigo is a natural approach to pathogen protection on crops

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