Instigo Provides Biological Pathogen Protection

A biological approach to crop protection

Genesis Ag  is proud to introduce Instigo. This all-natural product provides farmers with an eco-friendly solution for effective crop protection. By leveraging the power of beneficial microbes, Instigo combats plant pathogens, boosting crop health and enhancing yield potential.

Plant pathogens, especially fungal infections, have long plagued farmers, posing significant threats to plant health and overall crop productivity. Recognizing the need for an alternative approach that is both effective and environmentally friendly, Genesis Ag’s Instigo is derived from beneficial bacteria.

Instigo’s potent blend of beneficial microbes flourishes in the root zone of plants. This unique formulation establishes a robust biological defense against root-infecting diseases, effectively combating pathogens without harsh chemicals or fungicides.

Instigo has long-lasting and effective agents that can help control plant pathogens and manage the spread of soil-borne diseases. Unlike many chemical treatments, Instigo is not harmful to beneficial soil microbes. It also works well with Genesis Ag’s other biological products.

Josh Davis, Vice President of Genesis Ag, explained the science behind Instigo. “Our product harnesses the natural abilities of beneficial microbes,” he said. “These microbes create a biological defense zone around the roots to guard the plant’s vital foundation against invading pathogens.”

In addition to its pathogen-fighting capabilities, Instigo offers farmers benefits beyond protection. The product has been found to help stimulate plant growth and increase overall plant vigor. By effectively controlling minor pathogens that slowly feed on and damage roots, Instigo helps crops remain healthy and robust, enabling farmers to optimize their harvests.

Instigo was compared against an industry-leading fungicide with solid results in independent corn trials. In a Nebraska study with four replications, Instigo applied at the corn V10 stage exhibited an average yield advantage of 5.62 bushels per acre. In a single trial conducted with applications at the V5 and VT stages, Instigo showcased an average yield response of 8.27 bushels per acre advantage. These findings underscore the potential offered by Instigo.

As the agricultural industry embraces sustainable farming practices, Instigo from Genesis Ag emerges as a game-changing solution. By harnessing the power of beneficial microbes, this eco-friendly product provides a natural and effective defense against plant pathogens while promoting plant growth and increasing yield potential.

To learn more about Instigo and its applications, farmers can visit the Genesis Ag website at or call 844-455-5511. 

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