Immerse: An Immunity Boost from the Sea

Immerse provides a crop boost during times of plant stress. This formulation boosts the plant’s immune system, enhances energy levels, and promotes growth. 

Genesis Ag Immerse

What is Immerse?

Immerse is a liquid soil and foliar supplement. This sea-salt solution enhances the immune system of the plant, providing a boost in energy and growth. The nutrients in Immerse include 40+ trace elements to help jumpstart growth and disease defense mechanisms in your crops. These highly proportioned minerals can help hydrate the plant during dry growing conditions. Immerse will also mineralize and alkalize the soil to help balance pH.


A nutrient boost that also protects crops

Immerse works similarly to the way an IV works for humans. Along with increasing nutrient capacity in the plant, Immerse works symbiotically with microorganisms in the soil enhancing the natural uptake from the soil to the plant. The natural minerals of Immerse are beneficial to the soil. Immerse can help increase nutrient uptake, boost immunity, jumpstart growth and fight disease.

Genesis Ag's Immerse

A Powerful Foliar Supplement

About Immerse

Immerse is an advanced liquid foliar supplement that enhances plant health by boosting the immune system and promoting energy and growth. It is particularly effective under stress conditions, providing essential minerals without causing salinization.

Immerse Benefits

* Enhances Plant Immune System
* Boosts Energy and Growth
* Effective in Dry Conditions
* Provides Essential Minerals
* No Soil or Plant Salinization

Immerse delivers a concentrated mix of essential minerals derived from mineral-rich seawater directly to plants.

Immerse is a designed to enhance plant immune systems and boost energy and growth. This solution provides highly proportioned minerals that re-energize plants, especially effective in dry conditions. The nutrients in Immerse are sourced from high concentrations of non-polluted, mineral-rich seawater, ensuring no salinization in the soil or plants.

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