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With Advanced Humate Blends

Humic and fulvic acids are critical for healthy soil. They create a well balanced environment for vibrant plant life. Our humate products includes a revolutionary blend of humates, trace minerals, enzymes, and nutrients.  They  can help boost plant growth, support soil biology, and enhance overall vitality.

a Nutrient rich blend

Compost From Living Medium

The humates in VitaNterra and other humate products are derived from a living medium. Utilizing a patented process, this nutrient-rich blend is extracted from organic mushroom compost. This process does not require caustic chemicals or commercial mining.

Many humic and fulvic acid products are derived from leonardite shale that is near surface mined in coal-like deposits up to twenty feet deep. After mining, the recovery process includes physically removing the clay and sand along with a chemical treatment.


Humate Benefits

The Importance of Humic Acid

Humic acid is an organic molecule that has many beneficial effects on plants. It helps to improve soil properties, increase nutrient uptake in plants, and buffer soil pH to the ideal level for plant growth and nutrient absorption. Humic acid also acts as a natural chelator, which helps to bind essential nutrients, vitamins and trace elements to the plant roots. This makes it easier for the plant to absorb these nutrients and use them for growth and development. In addition, humic acid can help to increase yields by promoting better plant growth. All of these benefits make humic acid an important tool for improving soil health and increasing crop production.

Humate Benefits

How Fulvic Acid works

Fulvic Acid has multiple purposes in nature. It binds to elements that are detrimental to microbes and plants, rendering them benign. Fulvic acid also chelates beneficial nutrients and micronutrients so plants can absorb them. Fulvic acid serves as nature’s clean-up and feeding mechanism. It helps create a better environment for microbes and helps makes all nutrients more bioavailable

What humate products are available?

humic and fulvic acid VitaNterra


VitaNterra+ is a premium humic product from natural compost that can help boost plant growth, support soil biology, and enhance overall vitality.

Application Rate: 16 oz per acre
Packaging Sizes: 2.5, 5, 275 gallons

Huma ZBC

Huma ZBC is a nitrogen additive that provides zinc, boron, and copper with a humate mix to improve the phosphorus function in the soil for better utilization by crops.

Huma ZBC Benefits:

  • Improves phosphorus function
  • Protect from some salt injuries
  • Provides critical micronutrients

Application Rate: 16-128 ounces per acre.
Packaging Sizes: 2.5, 5, 275 gallons

Stable B

Boron is a vital micronutrient that can be leeched out of the soil as plants take up nitrogen and other nutrients. Stable B is a nitrogen additive that provides a stable source of boron with humic acids that are available as the plants need increases.

  • Promotes plant vitality
  • Strengthens cell walls
  • Boosts pollination and seed sets

Application Rate: 1-2 qts. per acre
Packaging Sizes: 2.5, 5, 275 gallons

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