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Genesis Ag is dedicated to providing producers with environmentally friendly products including seed treatments, biologicals, and micronutrients. Learn how our products can help boost productivity, plant vigor, soil health, and yield potential.


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Powerful Seed Treatments

for faster starts

Genesis Ag’s RizNate and Invigor 8 PlusĀ  seed treatments and biologicals can help get your plants off to a strong start with more uniform stands.

How Genesis Ag Helps Farmers

Boost Yield Potential

Your soils biological capacity can determine your crop's yield potential. Boosting your soil health can help maximize your yield potential not just today but for years to come.

Improve Soil Biology

By focusing on improving and not destroying soil biology, we can assure our farm land is productive for years to come. Our biological products provided beneficial bacteria and fungi necessary for optimum soil health.

All Natural Biological Products


For years, we have relied on huge applications of chemical fertilizers to achieve greater yields. These practices are not sustainable and in many cases may be harming our farm land for future generations. Genesis Ag products are designed to help farmers remain sustainable and profitable.

Reduce Input Costs

with Biological Products

Our biological products bring powerful microbes to your farm to help fix atmospheric nitrogen and unlock nutrients locked in the soil. Many Genesis Ag customers are reducing their input costs with our biological program and products including Carbose, Revita-N, and Morphos.

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Corn Yield Increases

with Invigor 8 Plus

Trials with Genesis Ag’s Invigor 8 Plus corn seed treatment and biological show significant yield increases in recent trials vs control seed treatments.

Crop Plans

Learn about our specialized plans for your favorite row crops using Genesis Ag products


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