Genesis Ag Prepay Discount

Genesis Ag Prepay Discount: Save 8% on Products

Just order and prepay by December 31, 2021 for spring delivery and big savings

You now get a head start on next year with some big savings on our line of seed treatments, micronutrients, biologicals, and specialty products. Simply order your products by calling 844-455-5511 or contacting your sales rep before the deadlines. Please note this special prepay discount will not apply to online orders.

Genesis Ag products are developed to help farmers revitalize their soil, get seeds off to a stronger start, and thrive in adverse conditions.

Our end-of-year discount comes at a time when fertilizer input costs are skyrocketing. Genesis Ag products can help you reduce your reliance on traditional inputs by improving your soil biology. Our biological products contain beneficial microbes that can help fix atmospheric nitrogen and unlock nutrients in the soil. 

 Learn more about Genesis Ag products here.

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