EXP: Foliar Ag Nutrients

EXP Foliar Ag Nutrients

Why Use EXP For Foliar Ag Nutrients?

At Genesis Ag, another plant nutrient product in our arsenal is EXP. EXP is a technology that is designed to be foliar fed for optimum results. It allows growers to stimulate their plants with nutrients to increase growth.

EXP is useful to balance plant-hormone levels, energize the plant, support vegetative and reproductive growth, and maximize your plant’s yield potential.

It is important to apply EXP just before the reproductive stage of the plant. When you’re working with an indeterminate plant like soybeans or cotton, you may need to apply multiple, small doses of the product. This allows us to keep the plant simulated.

EXP can help plants keep their vitality. The result is longer pod sets in cotton and late season filling of the kernels in corn. These are just some of the benefits of our EXP product.

To learn more about our foliar ag nutrients, visit the EXP product page.

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