Dealing With Early Season Stress

It goes without saying that 2020 has been a year like no other. While the world battles the impact of coronavirus and calls to stay at home, farmers faced the pandemic head on by planting their fields as they have for generations. Some regions have seen good weather, but others have been hit hard by colder than normal temperatures, excessive or little rain, wind and late frosts.

“We realize that many of these plants are using a lot of energy just to survive in these less than optimal conditions,” said Phillip Davis, President of Genesis Ag. “Corn plants, for instance, will soon be determining the girth of their ears. The healthier the plants, the more rows they will start with.”

For those farmers facing less than optimum conditions and mediocre results, Genesis Ag has an early season foliar program that is designed to help jump start crops and get them back on the path to success. Three products that can provide a boost include Carbose, VitaNterra, and Microboom.

Carbose is a unique blend of sugars and beneficial bacteria that feed the soil biology and provide plants with the vital energy they need for optimum growth. In order to replicate and flourish, the beneficial microbes in your soil need food.  The more readily available that food source, the faster they can reproduce and get to work improving your soil structure and improving the availability of plant-available nutrients in your root zone. Carbose can help provide your plants with the vital energy they need for optimum growth.

VitaNterra is a  revolutionary blend of humates, trace minerals, and enzymes. They create a well-balanced environment for vibrant healthy plants of all species. VitaNterra+ is a humid product that is completely soluble. It can help speed up the growth of your plants by increasing the uptake of nutrients. This revolutionary product can also help increase the efficiency of your crop’s water use. VitaNterra+ can help you maximize your fertilizer investment by helping plants get and keep the nutrients they need. VitaNterra+ can become an important part of your fertility program.

Microboom L™ is a complex micro-nutrient pack made up of eight high quality soluble pre-chelated micronutrients. Microboom L™ provides plants with micronutrients in the right amount and in a water-soluble form for easy absorption and less accumulation in the soil. These micronutrients can jumpstart plants and cause them to forage for additional nutrients in the soil. The formulation can also be used in conjunction with other fertility enhancement programs.

The typical recommended time for these applications is at 275 – 350 GDU’s. That means the time is quickly approaching to give your plants a much-needed boost. For more information on these or other products from Genesis Ag, please call 844-455-5511 or contact us here.

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