Increase Your Alfalfa
Yield Potential

With products from Genesis Ag

We would love to talk to you about your alfalfa growing needs. To maximize the effectiveness of our programs, please contact us at 844-455-5511 to be connected with a Genesis Ag specialist who can better discuss your individual farm needs. You can also contact us at

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Improve Your Alfalfa Yields, Even In Poor Soils

  • Increase Your Yields & RFV
  • Stands That Resist Weed Intrusion
  • Thriving Even in Calcareous & Saline Soils

Are you looking to boost your alfalfa yields while boosting your hay’s relative feed value?  Do you deal with weed intrusion on poorly established alfalfa fields? Does you struggle with calcareous or saline soils and hard water? Download our alfalfa program now to see how we deal with these challenges.

Genesis Ag is a company devoted to helping farmers improve their soil, increase yields and build a sustainable future

We do this by spending time on farms all across the country and creating products with a purpose. From helping farmers set world yield records to delivering environmentally friendly solutions to pests and pathogens, Genesis Ag is committed to making farming better and sustainable for generations to come.

Genesis Ag Can Make A Difference

microboom liquid from Genesis Ag

Faster Emergence

Our seed treatments can give you a boost of energy for faster emergence, more vigorous early growth and higher plant counts.

Pest and Pathogen Control

Our products can provide natural pest resistance, pathogen control and resilience through stronger plants.

Increase Yields

Genesis Ag products have been integral in multiple national, state and regional yield awards including multiple world records.

Turbocharge Your Soil

Genesis Ag products are designed to build soil health by enhancing microbial activity that boosts nutrient uptake and utilization

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