By PHILLIP DAVIS, Genesis Ag President

Since its founding, I have stressed to everyone involved with Genesis Ag that we don’t want to be a company of followers. That stance has been exemplified with our industry-leading and wholly unique product line along with customer relations that are second to none in the ag industry. We lead some of the brightest in the most challenging research. We lead some of the most dedicated sales reps to be even more knowledgeable and responsive to their customers. And now, in a time of unparalleled uncertainty, Genesis Ag would like to encourage you during this difficult time.

Everyone involved in the ag industry deals with uncertainty on a daily basis. Today, we are seeing even more uncertainty but this time on a global scale. We all have families and friends dealing with the COVID- 19 outbreak in their own way. We should seek ways to support our neighbors and communities in whatever ways are appropriate. We should also remember the sick and suffering in our thoughts and prayers.

During these trying times, all of us will have the opportunity to manifest the values that the ag industry embraces. Compassion. Concern. Calm. And quiet determination to do the right thing and continue on. This is the calling of Farmers and those who support them.

Rest assured that Genesis Ag will continue to look for opportunities to manifest these values. As always, thank you for your continued support and may God bless you, your families and your communities. 

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