Carbose: Energize Your Soil for Healthier Plants

Deliver essential energy to your soil with Carbose’s unique blend of sugars and beneficial microbes.

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Genesis Ag Carbose

Feed The Soil Biology That Feeds Your Plants

Carbose is a revolutionary soil energizer developed by Genesis Ag. It revitalizes your soil by providing essential energy through a unique combination of sugars and beneficial microbes. This potent blend supports robust soil biology, promoting healthier, more resilient plants from the root up.

Ready To Use Energy

The sugars in Carbose have been processed so that neither your plants nor your microbes have to undergo the intricate process of breaking the sugars down into a usable form.  That means, your plants and microbes waste less energy getting the food they need.

Genesis Ag Carbose

A Unique Energy Source
For Your Crops

About Carbose

Savvy growers know that applying an energy source to your soil can stimulate your soil’s microbial activity and generate positive yield results.  What makes carbose different is that included in the carbose formula are two different bacteria that aid in the generation of sugars.  That means long after a traditional sugar source is exhausted, the bacteria in Carbose continue working for you, your crops, and your soil. Try Carbose today on your farm.

Carbose Benefits

* Stimulate soil’s microbial activity
* Provide beneficial biology to soil
* Boost soil's microbial life
* Enhances nutrient mineralization
* A unique energy source

Carbose is A high-value energy source and biological to power microbes AND help crops thrive

Healthy soil is alive with a diverse network of organisms essential for nourishing plants. To sustain these organisms, energy is crucial. Genesis Ag’s Carbose delivers energy through beneficial microbes and four types of sugar, promoting robust soil biology and supporting plant health. By providing an energy source near the root zone, Carbose can help soil biology flourish.

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