Biological Farming Rocks: 1 Big Step To Healthier Soil

biological farming

Biological Farming History

After World War II, William Albrecht, former Chairman of the Department of Soils at the University of Missouri, became concerned about the nation’s soils. A dedicated agronomist with four degrees, Albrecht, investigated not only soil, but the health of returning soldier’s teeth and even cattle to point to the importance of soil fertility. 

Despite his belief that over applications of Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus, were harmful to long term soil fertility, his work was overshadowed by the green revolution of the 1950’s which saw giant leaps forward in farming yields through chemical applications.

Today, the work of pioneers like Albrecht is getting a fresh look. We now realize, like him that soil biology is the only way to sustain modern agriculture. That means taking a second look at farming’s reliance on harsh chemicals and fertilizers that may in time actually sterilize soils. 

Genesis Ag is one of the company’s working to help farmers revitalize their soil health with products and techniques that work in harmony with nature. They have helped producers earn many state, national and world records for yield on their farm. 

Products such as Revita-N, Carbose, and Morphos are helping farmers improve their soil. Genesis Ag Team members travel the country to support these products and help farmers improve their soil, be more profitable, and respond to problems in the field.

“Through our research, we have found that a lot of our soils are biologically depleted,” said Phillip Davis, President of Genesis Ag. “In the past, we looked at all bacteria and fungi as bad and wanted to wipe them out of our fields.”

“Today we know that without beneficial bacteria and fungi, our crops can never realize true yield potential,” Davis continued. “We are developing key products to fill these voids and help revitalize soils.”

Without active soil biology, it is nearly impossible to have optimized plant health. Bacteria and fungi actually help plants get the nutrition they need. Healthy soil biology can help feed plants, fix nitrogen from the atmosphere, produce natural antibiotics, and even help remove heavy metals from the soil.

Genesis Ag products work to restore soil health with inoculants, ag nutrients and biological primers to replace soil biology. Carbose is a unique blend of immediately available sugars and several hand selected bacteria species that help feed and boost soil biology. 

Another product, VitaNterra a revolutionary blend of humates, trace minerals, and enzymes that are critical to your soil. Revita N is a unique microbial compound that developed to improve the soil and enhance plant growth for higher yield potential.

“You can’t over emphasize the importance of healthy soil,” said Davis. “Without it, we are facing an uphill battle that requires constantly adding nutrients to the soil. This reliance on chemical farming at the expense of soil biology can be detrimental to soil health and fertility in the long-term.”

And while many of the Genesis Ag products can deliver fast results, Davis recommends a long-term approach to restoring soil vitality through biological farming techniques.

“Products such as Carbose and VitaNterra can have an immediate impact on plant health” Davis said, “but we recommend at least three years for the best results when it comes to improving your soil’s biology with products like RevitaN. 

“The soil was not depleted in a year,” Davis continued. “Many times it was the desire for a quick fix that got us here in the first place.” 

For more information on how Genesis Ag products and biological farming methods can help restore your soil’s biology, increase profitability, and mitigate issues, visit their website at or call 844-455-5511.

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