Impressive Mississippi Cotton Results With Invigor 8

Mississippi cotton

Mississippi Cotton Trials

Our Invigor 8+ seed treatment and biological product showed some significant results on a Mississippi cotton trial. Invigor 8+ was evaluated against a series of control plots to test for overall cotton yield and lint yield.

The control seed yielded an average of 1387 lbs per acre of lint and 3227 lbs per acre of cotton. Seed treated with Invigor 8+ yielded an average of 1576 lbs per acre of lint and 3665 lbs per acre of cotton.

That’s an average increase of 14.34 lint weight and 13.35% increase in cotton weight for seeds treated with Invigor 8+.

Casey Hook of Hook Family Farms in Arkansas has seen first hand the advantage of using Invigor 8+ on his cotton.

“We started working with the Invigor 8+ last year. If you have seen it on corn, and you grow cotton, you need to be looking at this. It’s shown to be an even bigger yield advantage for us in cotton even than corn.”

To learn about using Invigor 8+ on your cotton or other crops, contact your Genesis Ag representative or visit our Invigor 8+ product page.

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