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Nitrogen Fixation

Active soil biology can actually fix nutrients from the atmosphere. Our research with farmers across the country shows that farmers using a biological approach to soil health can reduce their fertilizer input costs without sacrificing yield and vitality.

Key Micronutrients

We know that plant nutrition goes way beyond just adding nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Genesis Ag products can provide your crops with many key micronutrients and minerals that may be the missing link to realize your yield and plant health goals.

Seed Treatments

A strong start is critical for plant health. Delayed or uneven emergence is one of the top reasons for poor yield. That's why our seed treatment products are designed to give your plants an early boost with strong, early emergence, more uniform stands, and more yield potential at harvest.

Improved Soil Biology

At Genesis Ag, we believe in a biological approach to farming. By focusing on improving and not destroying soil biology, we can assure our farm land is productive for years to come. Our biological products provided beneficial bacteria and fungi necessary for optimum soil health.

A Boost For Yield Potential

Your soils biological capacity can determine your crop's yield potential. Boosting your soil health can help maximize your yield potential not just today but for years to come.

Sustainability and Profitability

For years, we have relied on huge applications of chemical fertilizers to achieve greater yields. These practices are not sustainable and in many cases may be harming our farm land for future generations. Genesis Ag products are designed to help farmers remain sustainable and profitable.

Crop Program Downloads

We have additional crop plans and will can customize a plan to meet your needs. Call 844-455-5511 for more information or email us at

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Reduce Inputs

Learn how you may be able o reduce input costs with nitrogen fixers and soil biology.

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Seed Treatments for Corn and Soybeans

With so many seed treatments on the market, it is hard to know which one will be best for your farm. Genesis Ag understands this concern and spends time testing every product they make in order get you exactly what’s right for your operation. RizNate has a biological component that can help with faster starts while also providing more uniform stands; Invigor 8 provides proven results when used as directed by farmers everywhere – no matter how big or small an area may seem at first glance–and finally there’s invateg8plus: Our newest addition brings even greater benefits than before including not only strong resistance against weeds but

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